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The Chegedek* . Retreat** station

The Chegedek retreat station is located in the Issyk-Kul region, in the Tamga Gorge, in the tract of the same name - Chegedek. The purpose of the construction of the station is to create a place for a variety of health and cultural programs that require a special quality of privacy.

Since everything is aimed at achieving a certain state of naturalness and balance, ecological principles, ethnic Kyrgyz housing and technology, combined with maximum preservation of the natural environment, were used in the construction of the station.
The station structures are installed on twisted piles.

A micro hydroelectric power station has been created that produces from 1.5 to 5 kWh
Full-cycle treatment facilities have been built (process water for irrigation, humus for fertilizers), which uses mechanical, physical and biological cleaning methods.

All construction was carried out taking into account the principles of energy saving.
Heating in the premises is carried out using solid fuel stoves with high efficiency.
The premises are fully ventilated with air recovery.
When drawing water from a river or spring, automatic ionization with silver of 10 micrograms per liter is performed.
The Chegedek Retreat Station has good potential to become an avant-garde green building model in our mountainous country.

Its construction is aimed at creating conditions for:
- stops;
- silence;
- fasting;
- conducting various programs requiring privacy;
- conducting seminars that require special hidden conditions;
Probably, each of us from time to time has a desire to run away to the mountains and sit there, in silence, and this is why the retreat station in the Heavenly Mountains was created.

Chegedek – translated from the Kyrgyz language as spruce paw, spruce branch. And this is seen as a metaphor for the possibility of everyone realizing their branch on the Great Tree of Humanity, realizing their place in the stream of human lives.
A secluded place in the Heavenly Mountains is the Chegedek Retreat Station.

The retreat station welcomes guests from May to October.

Book your seats by phone: +996(705)384899, +996(550)384899

*Chegedek – spruce branch (Kyrgyzstan), the same name for the tract and river where the retreat center is being created.
**Retreat – solitude, removal from society, seclusion.

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