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Development of Ecotourism in Key Biodiversity Areas of Kyrgyzstan

Project No.: CEPF-112650
Implementor: Union of Photojournalists (Kyrgyzstan)
Supported by: Conservation International / Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund
Purpose: To help the population in the development of ecotourism in key biodiversity areas.
Pilot territories: Kassan-Say and Aflatun-Padysh-Ata.
Deadline: Until June 2024
Main activities:
1. Collection of photo-video information and natural attractions of 32 key areas of biodiversity in Kyrgyzstan.
2. Creation of the website MAP.KG, with free access to the database by the population and touristic companies.
3. Support for the development of ecotourism in Kassan-Sai and Avletim (Tovar-Sai): introduction of eco-technologies.
4. Development of an eco-route / eco-trail (according to local natural, archaeological, historical sights).
5. Conducting training for the local population on ecotourism, biodiversity conservation, eco-technologies (using solar energy, waste management).
6. Publication of a guide for local governments on the development of ecotourism.
7. Information campaign on the conservation of biodiversity among the population of Kyrgyzstan.

Contacts for communication:

Director of the NGO "Union of Photojournalists": Vladislav Ushakov: 0755900140, [email protected]
National project coordinator: Evgeniia Postnova 0(553)406062, [email protected]
Project expert: Gamal Soronkulov: 0552260101, [email protected]

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