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Yurt camp near the Padysha-Ata nature reserve

Looking at ancient Muslim shrines, plunging into the world of history and legends surrounded by the magnificent nature of one of the protected places in Kyrgyzstan is a worthy travel plan! Thanks to its biodiversity, especially the unique juniper forest and Semenov fir, listed in the international Red Book, the Padysha-Ata Nature Reserve deserves to come to the ethno-town of the village of Kashka-Suu in the Jalalabad region of Kyrgyzstan.

Right at the foot of the mountains there is a cozy yurt camp, where you will be met by the owner Mavlyanov Shumkar and his large and hospitable family. Together with his wife, local activist and conservationist Zhiydegul, they created a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature. And although Zhiydegul is no longer with us, the camp proudly bears her name. Yurt town named after Mavlyanova Zhiydegul is a wonderful place to enjoy pristine nature. In spring, irises bloom here and the mountain slopes become velvety green with fresh grass.

To preserve local ecosystems, ecotourism is being developed here. The camp has a developed environmental infrastructure - solar panels are used to generate electricity, and a solar vacuum collector is installed to heat water in the showers. The camp team actively promotes the separate collection and recycling of waste in order to preserve the beautiful nature of Padysh-Ata. Vermicultivation is used to process organic waste.

At the yurt camp you will be offered to try fresh kumуs (horse milk) and delicious food cooked in cauldrons over an open fire. There is also real mountain honey and fresh honeycombs from our own apiaries. The taste and aroma of these sweets will be remembered for a long time!
At the camp you may be offered horse riding and traditional Kyrgyz swings (selkinchek). Don't forget to also visit the places of Muslim pilgrimage that are very close - the Mausoleum of Padysha-Ata and Mazar of Safed Bulan.

To get from the yurt camp to the Muslim shrine of Safed Bulan you will need about 40 minutes by car. Mausoleum (kumbez) of "Padysh Ata" is located within walking distance - in the depths of the nearest gorge. Inside the kumbez is the body of a sahaba (a person who saw the prophet Muhammad).

This preacher of Islam was assigned the title of “Padysha” (ruler, king), since he remained in charge when Shah Jarir, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, left his camp. Sacred places are shrouded in a special atmosphere and will leave you with an unforgettable experience.

Location: From the regional center of Aksy to the yurt camp it is about 20 km; to do this you need to go to the Kashka-Suu rural district and drive along the road leading closer to the mountains.

The team of the camp named after Zhiydegul Mavlyanova will be happy to answer your questions and provide more detailed information about accommodation. Contact Mavlyanov Shumkarbek at the following information: tel./WhatsApp +996(770)168242

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