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Sacred place \"Nyldy Ata\" in Talas region

7 km from the village of Ozgorush, Bakai-Ata district of Talas province od Kyrgyzstan, there is a complex of holy places, called Nyldy-Ata.
The complex includes 23 mazars - Kez-Bulak (“spring-eye”), Sharkyratma (waterfall), Azhydaar-Tal (“tree-dragon”), Chong-Үңkur or Ordo (large cave or palace), Azhydaar-Үңkur (“ cave-dragon"), Kalpa-Ata (Kalp's father), Zharylgan-Zhurok ("broken heart"), Kuzgu-Tash (mirror stone), Tamchy-Bulak (dripping spring), Zhalgyz terek (Lonely poplar), Beshik ( cradle), Nyldy-atanyn zhayky konushu (place of stay of Nyldy-ata in summer), Darbaza (gate), Ochok (hearth), Bala-Mazar or Bala-Beyit (mazar or grave of a child), Akkulanin mamysy (tagging post of Akkula, Manas's horse) , Bel ooruga shypaa (medicine for lower back diseases), Nyldy atanyn kyshky konushu (wintering Nyldy-ata (winter camp), Nyldy atanyn tashi (Nyldy-ata stone), Kyz-Bulak (maiden spring), Semetey atanyn turgan zhayy (place, where Semetey ata stayed), Kuigon-Archa (burnt archa).

For a long time, the elderly custodian Kudakeev Zhenish looked after the place. According to him, the holy man Nyldy-ata lived even before the time of the prophet Nuh (Noah). He lived his life in celibacy, treated people for a variety of diseases, raised and raised about 30 orphans as his own children. Nyldy-ata said that while he lived, a river began to flow in the place of the mountain, and mountains arose in the place of the river. This indicates the length of his unusual life.

After the keeper of Kudakeev Zhenish passed away, the married couple Aida and Ermek, who live here in a small adobe house, began to take care of the land of Nyldy-Ata. They happily talk about the history of the area, nature, springs and their medicinal properties, as well as medicinal plants. This place is not only wonderful for relaxation and strengthening spiritual connections, but also has great potential for the development of ecotourism. Especially the shade of sacredness and pilgrimage make it special.

Aida and Ermek did everything possible to create comfortable conditions for visitors. They have installed two yurts where you can stay during the warm season. To provide energy for them, as well as outbuildings, solar photovoltaic panels are used. And so that guests could take a swim, the caretakers installed a solar shower. Moreover, they have plans to install a 2 kW solar station.

It is worth taking into account that in winter and spring the place may be unsafe due to snowfalls and mudflows. However, caretaker Aida is always willing to share information about safe routes and tips for visiting during these periods.

If you want to contact Aida, her contact phone number/WhatsApp: 0702102069.

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