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Public reserve for the protection of swans \"Ak-Bulun Eco\"

Ak-Bulun is a village in the Tyup district of the Issyk-Kul region. Previously, the village was called Svetly Mys. The area is interesting for its historical sights; to the east of Lake Issyk-Kul there is an archaeological complex, which is supposedly a medieval Christian monastery.
The bay where the village of Ak-Bulun is located also received a similar name. It is one of the Ramsar sites with a rich species composition of waterbirds.

To preserve them, residents of the Ton district created a community microreserve on the Ak-Bulun peninsula. It is located in the village of Kara-Talaa, Ton district. Its total area is 380 hectares, of which 150 hectares are occupied by the peninsula. This area is famous for being a wintering ground for many waterfowl, including swans and 12-14 species of ducks. According to the coordinator of the initiative, Shabykeev Ermek, in winter there are up to 80 thousand birds on the peninsula, among them there are winged ones from the Red Book.
During the Soviet years, the territory was a nature reserve, but after the collapse of the USSR it lost this status and turned into a paradise for poachers.

“The beautiful peninsula, which our region used to be proud of, turned into a wilderness where poachers ruled. Every season they waited there for the arrival of rare species of birds. The birds felt anxious, became more timid, and every year fewer and fewer birds stayed there for the winter,” - says Ermek Shabykeev. Several years ago, Ermek thought about restoring the reserve. He was supported by activists from the village of Kara-Talaa. Local residents created the community organization "Ak-Bulun Eco". In 2019, they prepared a project and applied to the UNDP GEF Small Grants Program and the Issyk-Kul Region Development Fund. And the work began!

Now on the territory of the micro-reserve there is an observation tower, from where birds can be clearly seen. Hunting, fishing, and boat trips are prohibited in the microreserve. Tourists are allowed to take photographs, walk, and feed birds.
The needs of environmental activists in infrastructure development: fences, parking area, recreation area for tourists, food point, picnic area, house for security guards. Ak-Bulun Eco plans to regularly hold festivals of migratory birds.

Contacts: Initiative Coordinator - Ermek Shabykeev – [email protected]

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