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Despite everything, he plants a forest!

Eco-activist Shabdraimov Kurmanaly has been planting forests for many years. In addition to working in the Terek-Sai branch of the Ala-Bukinsky forestry, he, together with his family and fellow villagers, founded the Kara-Tobo community organization (jamaat).
With the hands of Kurman and the people from his jamaat, thousands of trees were planted, and not on ordinary lands, but those that remained after the work of unscrupulous gold mining companies that did not complete their reclamation plans. To this day, lifeless empty areas stretch along the Kasan-Sai River. There is not a single tree near the bare river bed... And those “blades of grass” that are still lucky have to withstand the onslaught of cattle passing along the route alone.

It is these lands that the Kara-Tobo jamaat takes under its care. First, it is needed to fence off the protected area from livestock, then - add minerals that improve the quality of the soil. Usually, these are glauconite and tripoli. It is advisable to add a nutrient mixture to each planting hole so that as many trees as possible can be planted. And watering, of course. But water needs to be supplied from the river, but it is still a challenge to reach it (the level can sometimes be several meters below the area being irrigated).
All this requires enormous physical effort and strong environmental will!
Kurman and his team have it! He just smiles and remarks: “If only we had some fertilizers and seedlings for that area! Oh, it’s there, it would be nice to start technical reclamation!”

This is what he is - the Forest Man!
We want to help him. And we are already acting! Are you with us?

Author: Evgeniia Postnova

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