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Ecoactivist from Ala-Buka village restores disturbed soils!

Adylbek Alymov is a real Eco-Entrepreneur from the south of Kyrgyzstan and an example of how it is possible to conduct business without destroying nature and restoring it. A few years ago, "EcoMinerals" LLC started a ten-year campaign for the production of minerals (glauconite and trepel) that restore degraded soils.
And in the team, he has not only dedicated employees, but also a whole army of ground assistants.
Worms work in special rows on the territory of the enterprise, processing organic waste from Ala-Buka village into useful fertilizer.

Adylbek Sharipovich notes: "Worms are very efficient workers. They can process waste from cafes and restaurants, organic waste from multi-apartment houses and even animal skins, which are often thrown away in our country. Worms do a great job with wool!".
The company is actively developing. In her plans - the installation of a large biogas plant, which can usefully process a lot of food waste (very high in calories!) into excellent biofertilizer.

Adylbek Alymov believes that for modern youth there are many unoccupied niches and opportunities to work in "green" professions.
"You only need to want, and learn a little," - joked the entrepreneur. And seriously, minerals-recultivators of land - glauconite and trepel - are necessary for disturbed lands along the channel of the Kasan-Sai river, which suffered from the activities of gold mining companies. The lands that we have specially rehabilitated will remain desolate for a long time. Restoration (recultivation) should logically complete any development along the river. Moreover, this restoration should be not only technical, but also biological.
That's why we need environmental entrepreneurs! Bravo, Adylbek Sharipovich!

For reference: The biological stage of reclamation (biological reclamation) includes measures to restore the fertility of recultivated lands and restore flora and fauna.

Author: Evgeniia Postnova

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