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Besh-Tash Park and its guardians

Nowadays, “Besh Tash” is a very peaceful and favorite vacation spot for Talas residents and guests of the valley. Our film crew reached a pasture called “Life”, let me remind you that the rocks here bear the same name. As it should be, these mountains have their own guard, in this case it is the forester Berenaaly uulu Shailoo, he has lived here since 1994.

According to him, more than 800 species of flowering plants grow in this park. In the Besh-Tash gorge, beautiful forests of Tien Shan spruce with an admixture of Semenov fir have been preserved. The snow leopard, Turkestan lynx, golden eagle, kumai, saker falcon, bearded vulture, listed in the Red Book, live here. But hunting is prohibited in this park. To protect the Red Data Bookers, camera traps are installed along the entire perimeter of the park. They record all movements and hunters can get into the camera's field of view anywhere.

Kyrgyzstan is rich in nature reserves and national parks. One of them is the Besh-Tash nature reserve, which occupies the valley of the same name. The climate and landscape are no worse than on the tropical rocky islands. Only, unlike distant and expensive holiday destinations, Besh-Tash is accessible to everyone. The journey from Bishkek will take four hours.

The reserve is home to a large number of animals, including predators - bear, snow leopard, Turkestan lynx. But daredevils still climb high into the mountains to admire the magnificent spectacle. Hidden at an altitude of three kilometers is a lake, the water of which has a bright turquoise hue. The depth of the lake is 28 meters, the shores are rocky, but not sloping. If you have a strong tent and a warm sleeping bag, you can spend the night. It is better to climb here in the company of friends or new acquaintances.

The lake is home to trout, marinka and osman, there are few fishermen here, so there is a chance to catch fish for dinner. It is not forbidden to relax, make fires, or pitch tents in the reserve. On the contrary, all conditions are provided for a humane and healthy holiday, special camps are organized at different altitudes. Thousands of tourists come here throughout the year to enjoy nature and feel part of the great movement of travelers.

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